Project M.O.R.E.’s Transitional Housing program consists of 38-beds and offers individuals, who have been incarcerated, alternative housing, instead of being physically held in the Dutchess County Jail while awaiting recommendation to a treatment facility by the Department of Mental Hygiene. Transitional Housing provides the resident with transportation to and from all court appearances, doctor appointments, DSS appointments, and any outside treatment programs. It also provides nightly AA/NA meetings, both in-house and outside in the community. Groups on life skills, recovery, health, creative arts projects, and recreation are also provided. All of the clients are required to participate in the group activities, with the exception of the AA/NA groups, in which they are given the option of going to the “alternative meeting”, which only requires family or friends or a journal. The clients are kept on a set schedule of meal times, smoke breaks, groups, recreation and wake up/lights out. Clients are also allowed to speak to their loved ones on the telephone daily, with a scheduled “phone time”. The clients are constantly monitored by staff members that are posted throughout the facility.

In addition to the Transitional Housing program, the Probation Violation Residential Center (PVRC) serves the Hudson Valley counties of Dutchess, Putnam, Columbia, Orange, and Ulster. Learn more about PVRC.