• Quintin’s Story

    Quintin was a client for 7 months at the Walter Brooks House and quickly found employment with a well-established company which allowed him to save enough money to get his own apartment. Quintin still works at the same company and was promoted to manager. He has leveraged his success and provided job opportunities to other clients at the Walter Brooks House.
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  • Sean’s Story

    Sean was a client who was referred by the New Haven Courts to participate in our Reasoning and Rehabilitation (R&R) Intervention Group, because of the negative decisions he has been making with his life. Sean started the group and showed some resistance and didn't understand why his participation was necessary. Over time, Sean became more vocal about making positive decisions during the sessions while better understanding the positive and negative sides to certain life situations. Sean became a leader in the group and successfully completed not only the T.A.D group but also the Employment Services Program and now works in the Cinema Theater Industry.
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  • Kevin’s Story

    Kevin was a client for 11 months at the Walter Brooks House. After establishing steady employment he went on to college where he excelled and made honor roll. Kevin also was on family reunification status and found much happiness in being able to reconnect with his little girl. After having saved enough money to get his own apartment he transitioned back into the community successfully and continues to do well.
  • Terri’s Story

    Terri went through the Moving On curriculum two times. Terri was removed from the Moving On group for non-reporting one week before she was supposed to graduate. She had to start the Moving On group over and has proven to be one of the most memorable and inspirational clients ever to have graduated from the group. Terri participated for 27 weeks and within that time she not only found herself but went back to school, started the process to get custody of her two children, and remained drug free. Terri served as an inspiration to all the women in the group that were either resistant or stuck. The Moving On group was a compass for Terri to point herself in the right direction; to discover not only herself but her goals as well.
  • Samantha’s Story

    Samantha came into Project M.O.R.E. a resistant negative woman and left a success story. Samantha was not only living in a shelter when she first attended the Moving On curriculum but she was also battling with an addiction to drugs and abusive men. By the end of her experience with Moving On, Samantha emerged from her negative circumstance and turned her life around to become a model citizen. Now she has her own apartment, a good job at a franchise establishment, and a new attitude. To Samantha, the Moving On group was not just a trauma based curriculum; it was a life line to her new and improved life journey.
  • Jason’s Story

    Jason was a client who was referred by the Department of Probation to participate in our Treatment Addictive Disorders (T.A.D) Intervention group, due to his social history. During his stay in the group, Jason really had an opportunity to open up and ask for the help he needed from the group leader and his peers. He finally demonstrated leadership and focus, and completed the T.A.D. group without any reservations. Jason secured employment within the supermarket industry and has been quite successful with his job and life in general.