The Roger Everson House is a ten-bed, nine unit facility which features eight efficiency units and one two-bedroom unit. Each unit is fully furnished and accommodates male clients only. The Supportive Housing Program goals are to prepare the clients for independent living upon transitioning from the program. The potential client must be in complete compliance with their conditions of probation and exemplify the model parolee. Clients are to meet with case management once a week to go over budgeting, employment referrals, housing and other treatment sessions needed to become productive members of society. Clients have curfew times set by their assigned Parole Officers. All client are referred by Community Release or their parole officer. Client are also referred by Connecticut Halfway houses. The clients must be employed or actively seeking employment, which is an important criteria for successful transition. Client that are not employed are referred to employment training programs. Clients that have not obtained a high school diploma are required to attend adult education GED classes.