The New Haven Project M.O.R.E. is a partner with the Connecticut Diaper Bank as a satellite office for diaper disbursement. Both program clients and community residents at large have access to the Emergency Diaper Bank. All clients receiving diapers must complete the appropriate forms and bring identification and the child’s birth certificate before they can access the service. This service is offered to both Project M.O.R.E. clients and the community at large as a beneficial tool in addressing families need for diapers. The Diaper Bank operates out of Project M.O.R.E. at 830 Grand Avenue, New Haven, Connecticut on Fridays from 10AM – 12PM. This service is available while supplies last. Clients should contact Project M.O.R.E. at 203-848-3110 prior to pick up to assure that there are diapers available.

Diaper Bank Hours

10am – 12pm



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