I am proud to be writing to you as a chairman of the board of directors and on behalf of my fellow board members. Project M.O.R.E. is one of the oldest service providers for ex-offenders and inmates, and their families in Connecticut. We have spent our history building strong, positive, and productive relationships to ensure the stability and growth of the agency.

We have a proud legacy of services to the community and look forward to many more years of service. Project M.O.R.E.’s vision is clear, to provide program services which will help ex-offenders to help themselves, reduce recidivism, and promote public safety.

Project M.O.R.E. (Model Offender Re-Integration Experience) came into existence through the efforts of concerned citizens from across New Haven with the support of the State of Connecticut. We have grown and continue to expand our services to Dutchess Country, New York leading the way in programming in this area. Along the way we have been able to maintain the zeal and commitment of those that were with us from the beginning, and bring new supporters into the fold.

As part of the fabric of community based organizations, we have seen the changing tides in the landscape; many agencies that existed during the early years are no longer around or have downsized considerably. There are new players in the ex-offender reentry services arena, and we welcome their participation, as we know this work is probably some of the toughest in the helping professions. We hope that they will seek us out, as we have been at this for quite some time.

There are many challenges confronting us with the younger offender population now prevalent in our society. We will maintain our poise and dedication to positive uplifting solutions for those in need. We will continue to deliver on the promise of our mission. We hope that you will join us.

Clarence Hundley, Chairman